Yin Yang Bombs – Compilation 1

Yin Yang Bombs – Compilation 1

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2014-03-31

Catalog number: YYRBOMBS01

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> Midnight Madness (Original Mix)
Highestpoint, Balthazar & JackRock
> Amnesia (DJ Ant Remix)
DJ Ant, Urig & Dice
> Bells (Axel Karakasis Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Axel Karakasis, Miquel
> Fiesta Sonora (A.Paul Remix)
A.Paul, Dualitik
> Shango (Original Mix)
> Forget Me Not (Miquel Remix)
Miquel, Balthazar & JackRock
> Deffy (Peppelino Remix)
Peppelino, The Menace & LOCA
> Dreams Of The Titans (Steve Mulder Remix)
Steve Mulder, Miquel
> Give Me A Gun (Mika Remix)
Mika, Alex MilLenium
> Instant Classic (Eric Sneo Remix)
Eric Sneo, Rydel & Bloody J

Yin Yang Bombs is a selection of some of the best new techno tracks from some of the biggest, best and upcoming producers.

Compilation 1 features tracks by :

Pedro Delgardo, Miquel, Balthazar & JackRock, Highestpoint, Urig & Dice, DJ Ant, Axel Karakasis, Dualitik, A.Paul, Mika, Peppelino, Steve Mulder, Alex MilLenium & Eric Sneo.