Yin Yang Anthems

Yin Yang Anthems

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-03-16

Catalog number: YYR101

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> Mindgames (Dualitik & Pedro Delgardo Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, A.Paul, Dualitik
> Staff In My Head (Original Mix)
Sopik, Bailey Royse
> Sauerkraut (Original Mix)
> Life Is A Crazy Ride (Original Mix)
Cristian Arango
> Underground Dream (Original Mix)
Franky Stryke
> Karma (Original Mix)
Gene Karz
> Deathstalker (Original Mix)
> Adyrp (Original Mix)
> Go Back (Original Mix)
Steve Shaden

Yin Yang Anthems

9 brand new anthems for the dance floor

Yin Yang is known for bringing hits and these are all dace floor smashes!

Bigger artists mixed with more unknown artists, these are all killer tracks you will reach for time and time again..

Artists such as Pedro Delgardo, Dualitik, A.Paul, Gene Karz, Rydel, I’Gor, Steve Shaden, Sopik, Bailey Royse, Benou, Crisitan Arango, Franky Stryke & Benou

BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS – Yin Yang Style …