Yin Yang Anthems 17

Yin Yang Anthems 17

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2018-10-22

Catalog number: YYR246

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> Shesahoe (Original Mix)
Matt Cubero
> Crusader (Original Mix)
Stuart McNiven
> Distal Phalanx (Original Mix)
Latex Zebra
> Route 33 (Original Mix)
> Catharsys (Original Mix)
Kreisel, Dok & Martin
> Life Begins (Original Mix)

Yin Yang Anthems 17

6 superb tracks of club techno by nearly all new Yin Yang faces.

Matt Cubero presents Shesashoe. Brilliant stab orientated track with slight melodic undertones. Superb.

Crusader by Stuart McNiven is a thunderous super track that breaks out in to an awesome melodic charm. Sexy.

Kreisel is back joining forces with Doc & Martin for his usual sexy programming and great engineering. Super Synth action on this killer.

Kinrade delivers this killer jacking monster, Mechanical and clunky. This killer builds in to what becomes a beast. Very nice Kinrade.

Route 33 is a tight bad ass sexy track that funks and breaks and builds, beautiful. Well done Sledstorm.

Latex Zebra is chugging monster with some nice techno stabs and tight kick drum. Perfectly Yin Yang my man. Great.