Yin Yang Anthems 16

Yin Yang Anthems 16

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2018-09-10

Catalog number: YYR240

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> Space Rotor (Original Mix)
Roby M Rage
> Titan Look (Original Mix)
Elvis Xhema
> Subliminal (Original Mix)
Arian Faraone
> The Hubble (Original Mix)
Yigitoglu, Kemal Vatansever
> Do You Feel It (Original Mix)
Matke, Minitronik


Its that time again already.. ANOTHER Yin Yang Anthem album is here featuring 5 SUPER SUPER deadly techno tracks that will set the floor on fire!

Roby M Rage – Space Rotor
Elvis Xhema – Titan Look
Arian Faraone – Subliminal
Yigitoglu & Kemal Vatansever – The Hubble
Minitronik & Matke – Do You Feel It