Yin Yang Allstars EP 8

Yin Yang Allstars EP 8

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2014-03-17

Catalog number: YYR057

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> Blackcode (Original Mix)
Alberto Santana
> Live Sensation (Original Mix)
Eric Sand
> Communication (Original Mix)
> My Break (Original Mix)
> Catapult Assisted (Original Mix)
Massi Paoli
> The Platform (Original Mix)

First up is Spanish producer and DJ Alberto Santana. Blackcode is a dark throbbing piece of techno and in the new style of techno (slower and groovier) that Alberto is now producing. Lots of nice synth sounds that are dark and haunting with crisp percussion. Very very sexy.

Eric Sand is another up and coming Spanish producer. Live Sensation is a bit like a cross between the new style techno and the old funky techno. Great rolling baseline making a delightful chunky techno beast. Eric is another former groove techno producer that is making some great slower techno.

Jawoo is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has already had a release on Yin Yang with Jawoo, which was remixed by quite a few big techno names. This time he has a delightful tech house for us to play. Communication is a great quirky track that certainly is up to scratch of being on Yin Yang.

MAAE is another big up and coming Spanish producer (We like the Spanish style techno at Yin Yang). My break is a sexy grooving techno monster with some great little synth stabs. The baseline rumbles and roars on a big sound system. Great track and great producer. Watch out for a big EP from him soon on Yin Yang.

Massi Paoli needs no introduction. He is already getting a huge name for himself in the tougher techno scene. Hailing from Italy his sound is un-compromised. Always in the sexy techno style with a huge bass sound. Catapult assisted is a massive techno track that absolutely destroys the dancefloor. This is a big one.

TKNO comes from Serbia. The Platform is a tough pumping techno track with sexy little stabs and lovely crisp production. When the track breaks down and kicks back in again the crowd go wild. Another great production by the man known as TKNO.