Techno Superstars – Classics Vol 5

Techno Superstars – Classics Vol 5

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2014-01-06

Catalog number: YYR047

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> Amongst It (Original Mix)
Ali Wilson, Lee Osbourne
> Mondo (Original Mix)
> Orgasm (Original Mix)
Axel Karakasis
> Nasty Chicks (Roman Zawodny Remix)
DJ Cristiao, Jesus Soblechero, Roman Zawodny
> Black Mamba (A.Paul Remix)
A.Paul, Michal Poliak
> Imagination (Original Mix)
Pedro Delgardo
> Simian (Original Mix)
Pedro Delgardo
> Railroad Trip (Original Mix)
> Frequency Sweep (A.Paul Remix)
A.Paul, Wyrus & Matija Marinic

Yin Yang Records is and has been one of the most prolific techno labels.

Started by label owner Pedro Delgardo in 2002, it quickly rose to high acclaim by the biggest names in techno and some of these big names soon appeared on the label such as:-

Ade Fenton, Glenn Wilson, Pedro Delgardo, Marco Nastic, Hertz, Johan Bacto, Ignition Technician, Stanny Franssen, Nicholas Bacher, DJ Preach, Ortin Cam, Stephane Signore, Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kalouemenos, Wehbba, Killian, Mladen Tomic, Lars Klein, WLA Garcia, Dj Mika, Goncalo M, Ali Wilson, Peppelino, Reaky, Ruslan Mays, Mikael Poliak, A.Paul, DJ Link, Eric Sneo, Jan Liehebber, Elton D, Boriqua Tribez, Veztax, Oliver Giacomotto & Christian Fischer

Techno Superstars is a collection of some of the best releases on Yin Yang and will be released over a series of album releases.

This is Vol 5 featuring tracks by Ali Wilson, A.Paul, Axel Karakasis, DJ Cristiao, Jesus Soblechero, Roman Zawodny, Mikael Poliak, Pedro Delgardo, Reaky, Wehbba & Wyrus.

We are Dark and Light. We are Yin Yang.