Metropolis – Tougher Remixes

Metropolis – Tougher Remixes

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2014-09-15

Catalog number: YYR077

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> Metropolis (Gene Karz & Maller Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Gene Karz, Maller
> Metropolis (Irregular Synth Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Irregular Synth
> Metropolis (Massi Paoli Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Massi Paoli
> Metropolis (Omega Drive Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Omega Drive

Yin Yang label owner Pedro Delgardo comes up trumps again with more remixes of his super classic anthem Metropolis (ID&T)
These are tougher harder remixes for those that enjoy their techno with a little more uumpphh!

Great remixes by:-
Gene Karz & Maller – Gene’s remix is in his usual yet dark style. Taking the vocal and blending it with a classic hardcore style stab that suites it perfectly. Super job.

Irregular Synth – Vinz was DJ’ing in South America when he first came across the track. It was him that requested if he could remix it. What a great job, It still holds the original flavour whilst making it his own.. A very very classy remix, which I love.

Massi Paoli – Well another Italian, another belter.. What is it about Italians and techno? Is it their passion? An excellent remix done in Paoli styleee. Excellent.

Omega Drive – Hailing from Croatia .. Omega Drive is known for his tough grooves and this is in that style. If you love tough techno, you will love this .. Damm Good.