Massi Paoli – Damn Chemistry

Massi Paoli – Damn Chemistry

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2014-11-10

Catalog number: YYR086

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> Boomstick (Gene Karz & Maller Remix)
Massi Paoli, Gene Karz, Maller
> Arrollador (Original Mix)
Massi Paoli
> Damn Chemistry (Edelstahl Remix)
Edelstahl, Massi Paoli
> Damn Chemistry (Josh Love Remix)
Josh Love, Massi Paoli
> Damn Chemistry (Original Mix)
Massi Paoli
> Damn Chemistry (Vladin Remix)
Massi Paoli, Vladin

First up on this EP is Arrollador. This track could have easily have been the main track of the EP and have had remixes done on this, but we was 50/50 and got remixes done of Damn Chemistry instead.
Arollador is huge magical track. This track takes you on a magic techno journey of fantastic sounds. One of Massi’s best EVER productions (along with Damn Chemistry). This track makes me cry with pleasure.

Next on the EP is a bonus track. Gene Karz was a bit late submitting his remix of Boomstick (a former release by Massi). But the remix is so good, we at Yin Yang did not want you to miss out on it. When I first heard it, it had me immediately up and dancing. Fantastic track.

Damn Chemistry – First of all I will introduce to the original. It is one of Massi Paoli’s finest moments. Sexy as hell baseline with a chanting eerie vocal thats absolutely nails the track. then if that was not enough it breaks down into one of the best breaks ever on a dance track. Absolutely amazing original.

There are 3 remixes of Damn Chemistry. All very sexy in their own right. First up from Switzerland is Edelstahl. This is super large. It’s tough techno with a fantastic melodic breakdown. Massive. I can see this being a big BIG hit with the crossover crew.

Next is France’s Josh Love. A fantastic job Josh on this. He takes the original an makes a fine bad ass remix.

Then we have Bulgaria’s very own Vladin. He makes his own trademark tough techno bad ass remix. Again making great uses of the vocal chants in tyne track.