Itzaia & Bud Spencer – Susceptible EP

Itzaia & Bud Spencer – Susceptible EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-01-12

Catalog number: YYR094

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> Susceptible (Fabio Piletto Remix)
itzaia, Bud Spencer, Fabio Piletto
> Susceptible (Massi Paoli Remix)
itzaia, Bud Spencer, Massi Paoli
> Susceptible (Original Mix)
itzaia, Bud Spencer
> Return To Sender (Original Mix)
itzaia, Sopik
> Return To Sender (Dani Sbert Remix)
itzaia, Sopik, Dani Sbert

Itzaia .. well .. What can be said about this French producer? Lots and lots. This is his first EP on Yin Yang, although almost undoubtedly known as a major Yin Yang artist.
He is getting very special attention from some of the worlds biggest DJs. Oakenfold, wanting his tracks for some of his latest albums, personal emails to me from big artists such as Max Graham, telling me how much he is loving his stuff. Lets admit it This guy is on fire.

He joins Bud Spencer with one of the tracks. Bud is one of the Itzaias good friends and is also from France. Sopik is from the Ukraine. Both producers manage to draw out lots of magic with Itzaia and their collaborations together have become this very EP.

Susceptible is a fantastic, if not amazing original track in that Itzaia crossover style. Rolling baseline mixed with a barrage of vocals edits that blend together perfectly. Superb track.

Return To Sender is another gem of a track that again fits into any kind of set. Lots of great stabs and again that sexy as hell rolling bass. Fantastic.

Remixes are courtesy of Yin Yang regulars Fabio Piletto, Massi Paoli and new super geezer Dani Sbert. All fantastic in their own right..

Another killer release for Yin Yang..