G8 – Technovolution

G8 – Technovolution

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2018-10-08

Catalog number: YYR244

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> Technovolution (Original Mix)
> Technovolution (Nik Noriz Remix)
G8, Nik Noriz
> Stalker (Origina Tech Mix)

G8 is back on Yin Yang…

This man is going from Strength to Strength….

Technovolution is a superb cracking example of perfection in techno. A crowd pleasing anthems bomb. Perfectly created to blow the roof off a techno dance floor!

Comes complete with a remix by new Yin Yang artist Nik Noriz, much more tech affair to really complete the picture. Super remix to a super original.

Yooooo ALL is not done! We have another G8 track to heighten your senses. Stalker is a tech track that will hit you hard!, feel the compression of that kick on you chest and scream out with delight.

‘G8 is coming at ya!’