Fabio Piletto – Black Hole

Fabio Piletto – Black Hole

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-01-04

Catalog number: YYR140

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> Black Hole (Original Mix)
Fabio Piletto
> Black Hole (HP Source Remix)
Fabio Piletto, HP Source
> Black Hole (Fabian Jakopetz Remix)
Fabian Jakopetz, Fabio Piletto
> Black Hole (Klangsturz Remix)
Fabio Piletto, KlangsturZ
> Black Hole (Dan Deltox Remix)
Fabio Piletto, Dan Deltox

Fabio Piletto arrives back on the Yin Yang imprint.

Driving dark hard techno is what this original beast is all about. It has a nice rolling bassline with sexy ass stabbs, all the right ingredients to make a dance floor jump. Made in Italy, played worldwide..

Remixes come courtesy of #yinyangfamily

HP Source is Yin Yangs new deadly weapon. This duo from Australia are killing it, their style is pure Yin Yang, tis a superb remake of the original in their own style. Check out that vocal 🙂

YES.. Fabian. Long time Yin Yan fan arrives back on the imprint, this remix is deep and groovy, it has a hypnotising sounds that draw you in deeper and deeper. Very very nice. Top STUFF.

Klangsturz is another new Yin Yang superhero. This is a driving main room techno dance destroyer. That bass just rumbles and thuds in your face. Excellent. Check out that synth..

Yin Yang newstar Dan Deltox helps out with his rendition of blackhole. All in all another killer remix..