Elvis Xhema – She Dancer

Elvis Xhema – She Dancer

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2018-07-23

Catalog number: YYR234

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> She Dancer (Original Mix)
Elvis Xhema
> She Dancer (DMCK Remix)
Elvis Xhema, DMCK
> Tender Love (Original Mix)
Elvis Xhema
> Tender Love (Chris Craig Remix)
Chris Craig, Elvis Xhema
> Tender Love (Section One Remix)
Section One, Elvis Xhema


Elvis is back on Yin Yang. After the last release was played by the biggest techno DJs on the planet, we have no doubt this will be just as big.

2 FAT originals by Elvis. Techno that ooozeess quality. She Dancer kicks ass with its superior production skills and breaks. Tender Love with its deep elements yet phat techno drums and ambience melodies.. Sexy as hell.

Remixes are exceptional. DMCK remix of She Dancer is out of this world. This producer is becoming a legend in the techno community. MORE THAN outstanding..

Chris Craig lands back on Yin Yang with his take on Tender Love, Great great remix and great debut remix for Chris on Yin Yang.

Last up, but not least up is Section One. Section One has been with Yin Yang from the beginning. This remix has to be one of his EVER best productions to date. That big baseline makes me cry with absolute pleasure. It IS a WOW remix.

HOLY ****.. Which one is for you? Or take all of them!!