Drzneday – Trouble

Drzneday – Trouble

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-09-11

Catalog number: YYR201

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> Trouble (Kreisel & Idiosynkrasia Remix)
Kreisel, Idiosynkrasia, Drzneday
> Trouble (Original Mix)
> Trouble (Section One Remix)
Section One, Drzneday

Drzneday is a fast rising star, one of the new Yin Yang master programmers. Trouble is another perfection in engineering and dance floor design, waves have been sculpted for maximum vibration in the inner lobe. Haaa.. In other words its a SUPER bomb.

Remixes come courtesy of more Yin Yang Allstars.

Kreisel with pal Idiosynkrasia and Swedish star Section one. Both are also bombs. Of course, thats why they are on Yin Yang. Enjoy.