Drzneday Feat. Sanka – Trapped

Drzneday Feat. Sanka – Trapped

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2018-05-28

Catalog number: YYR229

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> Trapped (Original Mix)
Sanka, Drzneday
> Trapped (Arian Faraone Remix)
Sanka, Drzneday, Arian Faraone
> Trapped (Roby M Rage Remix)
Sanka, Roby M Rage, Drzneday
> Trapped (Section Onw Remix)
Section One, Sanka, Drzneday

Drzneday returns to the Yin the Yang.

This time he has a new sidekick. Mr Sanka.

Trapped is a superb techno monster with super techno stabs and crowd pleasing breakdown. Perfect for ANY techno dance floor. A magnificent piece of music.

Remixes have been chosen by many of the current Yin Yang techno genius crew.

New boy Arian Faraone engineers a classy masterpiece number in his dark but techy speciality. Very very sexy.

Roby M Rage delivers his trademark hard and very dark sound. Superb tough techno.

Section One delivers his trademark purist techno sound is his remix. Beutiful to the ears.

All round. Class A.