DMCK – Vision Of You

DMCK – Vision Of You

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2018-09-17

Catalog number: YYR241

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> Vision Of You (Original Mix)
> Vision Of You (Arian Faraone Remix)
Arian Faraone, DMCK
> Vision Of You (Alvaro Ramos Remix)
Alvaro Ramos, DMCK
> Vision Of You (Nick In Time Remix)
Nick In Time, DMCK

DMCK.. You are on fire.

Vision of you is super hot. Super great vocals complimented by a great eerie vocal that permeates through the track with a great rolling baseline keep energy levels super high. Production is like all DMCK tracks and that is insanely good. This is a gem track. A classic that will be played by the big guns. BLOODY AWESOME!!

Yin Yang enlisted some remixes to vibrate with the original

Arian Faraone. Wow this guy is one fire. He takes the original parts and transforms it into his own unique style, slightly darker. Energetic and daunting. Amazing work!

Alvaro Ramos.. GREAT. Another version in the artist style. Ramos makes it his techno style. A more European punchy feel. Another hit!! NICE!

Lastly is new man Nick In Time. Another WOW!. Nick makes it even harder again, makes great use of the vocal and delivers what is a whopping ANTHEM remix. Sublime excellence!!

PHWOOARRRRR.. Cannot stop listening to all of them!!