Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-05-18

Catalog number: YYR110

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> Challenger (Original Mix)
Pedro Delgardo, itzaia
> Challenger (Maximus Bellini Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, itzaia, Maximus Bellini
> Challenger (Richard Santana Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, itzaia, Richard Santana
> Challenger (Andre Lesu & Sergio Pardo Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, itzaia, Sergio Pardo, Andre Lesu
> Challenger (Steve Shaden & GO!DIVA Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, GO!DIVA, itzaia, Steve Shaden
> Challenger (I'Gor Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, itzaia, I'GOR

Label owner teams up with techno man of the moment Itzaia

The original is a drug fuelled driving monster. Rolling bassline with crisp clear percussion. punchy as hell and just keeps building and building. Superb techno anthem.

Remixes ..

Maximus Bellini has outdone himself on this one, he has taken the original parts and completely redone it a whole new style. Bleepy and shabby. Absolutely superb. This is fantastic remix.

Richard Santana is up next with his version.. Very much housed up but staying in the techno realms for this one. South Africas number 1 DJ has come up trumps again on Yin Yang.

Next up is another killer. Its techno but could also be labelled tech house. Andre Lesu teams up once again with sergio Pardo. This is a seriously funked up sexy version of the original. Pure class.

Italys Steve Shaden this time teams up with GO!DIVA. This is a great driving remix that uses great use of its bassline. An excellent though driving remix.

Lastly we have the hard techno version thats Hollands new man of the moment brings. IGors version is tough techno at its finest. Driving as hell and sure to set the dance floor on fire..

A Great package all-round and there is sure to be a sure fire winner in there for eveyone.

Which is your favourite?