Andre Lesu – On The New Place

Andre Lesu – On The New Place

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-07-18

Catalog number: YYR166

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> On The New Place (Original Mix)
Andre Lesu
> On The New Place (Phutek Remix)
Phutek, Andre Lesu
> On The New Place (Kreisel Remix)
Kreisel, Andre Lesu
> On The New Place (Van Czar Remix)
Van Czar, Andre Lesu
> Really Don't Know (Original Mix)
Andre Lesu

LESU, LESU, LESU.. The man of tech is back on them Black and Whites.. Super ass sexy stuff flying on the 1 & 2s..

On The New Place is a super sexy techno crossover tech affair that oozes sex. Excellent noises that flow in and out whist driving. Probably his best track to date. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

Remix agenda:-

OH Yes.. for this super BIG BAD boy track required the man of the moment, the man Phutek., This guy can do no wrong, everyone loves him, literally.. Carl Cox, Varela, Luciano.. All tripping up playing his stuff. This is one REALLY BIG bad ass remix.. Cannot big this remix up enough.. MASSIVE.

Kreseil is alone on this one. This is a sexy deep techno remix of the highest calibre. Techno that mashes the brain. Lovely stuff.

Van Czar makes his debut on the Worlds number 1 Hard Techno label. This techno remix is a gem. Van goes down the tech route too and maybe a splash of progressiveness added in for favour.. Very nice..

Also included is another BELTING original called Really Dont Know.
WELL I DO KNOW Andre.. This is a cracking release with superb remixes and 2 BADD ASS originals..