Yin Yang Bombs: Compilation 15

Yin Yang Bombs: Compilation 15

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-12-14

Catalog number: YYRBOMBS15

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> Re-Animator (Original Mix)
Dolby D
> Rock Steady (Blanik Remix)
Shelter, Blanik
> Wormhole (Original Mix)
> Blue Moon (Original Mix)
> Feel Better (Original Mix)
> Bring It Back (Original Mix)
Steve Shaden
> High (Mark Greene Remix)
Loca, The Menace
> Scorpion (Dolby D & Matt Muss Remix)
Dolby D, Sebastian Manuel, TKNO, Matt Muss
> This Is Your Machine (Bagagee Viphex13 Remix)
Bagagee Viphex13, Richard Santana
> Overclocking (DJ Veljko Jovic Remix)
DJ Veljko Jovic, Nikoretti, Sopik

Yin Yang Bombs is a selection of some of the best new techno tracks from some of the biggest, best and upcoming producers.

Compilation 15 features tracks by :

Dolby D, Shelter, Mika, Blanik, Miquel, TKNO, Steve Shaden, The Menace & Loca, Mark Greene, Richard Santana, Bagaje Viphex13, DJ Velijko Jovic Remix & Nikoretti & Sopik