Yin Yang Anthems 8

Yin Yang Anthems 8

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-12-19

Catalog number: YYR177

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> Looking For Revenge (Original Mix)
Hell Driver
> After Murder Napping (Original Mix)
> Game Of Tones (Original Mix)
Rivet Spinners
> Aztlan (Original Mix)
> Rise Above (Original Mix)
> Dark Master (Original Mix)
Itus, Santiago Ciapuscio
> Maya (Original Mix)
Rivet Spinners, Kleen Kutz
> Most Wanted (Original Mix)
Eric Daviz
> Broadband (Original Mix)
Alvaro Ramos
> Dem Drumz (Original Mix)

Yin Yang Anthems is back with another 10 massive unreleased techno bombs from some of the leading and most upcoming techno artists on the scene.

Tracks from Hell Driver, Drzneday, Rivet Spinners, Eliot, VCTRY, Itus, Santiago Ciapuscio, Kleen Kutz, Eric Daviz, Alvaro Ramos & Bageera

Many different style.. All Anthems in their own right..