Yin Yang Anthems 7

Yin Yang Anthems 7

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-05-23

Catalog number: YYR159

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> Troublemaker (Original Mix)
Hell Driver
> Love To The UnDrG (Original Mix)
DJ Splif
> Manipulation (Original Mix)
Tawa Girl
> Unspoken (Original Mix)
Rivet Spinners
> Can't You Feel It (Original Mix)
> Mental Disordered (Original Mix)
Chewy Martins
> Negativ (Original Mix)
> Trouble (Original Mix)
Ninno Mancini
> Exodo (Original Mix)
Eliot, Itus
> The Antidote (Original Mix)

Yin Yang Anthems is a collection of the some of the finest techno available

Ranging from techno to tough techno, of course all with that very noticeable Yin Yang sound.

This is Yin Yang Anthems 7 and has 10 super bombs from:-

Hell Driver, DJ Splif, Tawa Girl, Rivet Spinners, Eliot, Itus, Chewy Martins, Drzneday, Ninno Mancini and PAVLOV.

Everyone of them will rock your dancefloor.