Yin Yang Anthems 4

Yin Yang Anthems 4

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-12-21

Catalog number: YYR138

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> My Vision (Original Mix)
itzaia, Mental Drops
> Ghost Pepper (Original Mix)
Hell Driver
> Dusty Room (Original Mix)
Simone D'orazi
> Deception (Original Mix)
Steve Shaden
> Deep Sky (Original Mix)
Itus, Vicky Merlino
> Spot-Lifted On A Pill (Original Mix)
Steve Diaz
> Invaders (Original Mix)
G-7 Proyect
> Destiny (Original Mix)
Nik Feral
> Namibie (Original Mix)
Ondrej Semyrka
> Klipper (Original Mix)
Si Holt

Here we go 10 tracks of supreme sexiness in that pure Yin Yang style

From some of the scenes biggest tough techno producers all the way through to a few new named producers. This Yin Yang anthems just shows the absolute power of Yin Yang.

It dont get bigger than this. POWER TECHNO..

Which ones are your favourites? all of them?