Yin Yang Anthems 2

Yin Yang Anthems 2

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-05-11

Catalog number: YYR109

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> Thanks For Nothing (Original Mix)
Sergio Pardo, Andre Lesu
> Monarch (Original Mix)
> Code 1050 (Original Mix)
> Solution (Original Mix)
Digital Session, Vincent Hiest
> This Is War (Original Mix)
DJ Veljko Jovic
> Act Of God (Original Mix)
> Break Da Funk (Original Mix)
Josh Love
> Respect (Original Mix)
> What You Wish (Original Mix)
Steve Shaden
> Ozara (Original Mix)

Another huge release for Yin Yang

10 big techno tracks aimed directly at moving the dance floor

Andre Lesu and Sergio Pardo deliver a super sexy big bassline tech monster. Crossing boundaries between tech house and techno. This beast uses a great vocal snippet in the breakdown to great effect. Superb track.

Ben is back on Yin Yang with another super tough techno monster. Super arpeggio style synths are laced through the track with a great bassline rumbling in the background with some minor key changes. A super hard techno anthem for sure.

Deetracks first releases on Yin Yang. Code 1050 is a another big bassline killer with some blip synths. It builds and builds. Superb release.

Digital Session & Vincent Heist have been growing in the techno community and its easy to see why after listening to Solution. Their techno is different but fantastic. big rolling bassline with exceptional use of sounds. Magnifico.

DJ Velco Jovic delivers a great track with This Is War. A dirty dirty techno track with lots of great use of distortion to mess it up. Let him tell you want you want. Haa.. Love this track.

Elliots Act Of God is a synth ridden beast that kicks back in with some excellent dirty bassline that rolls and rolls. Yin Yang style. Excellent.

Hey Josh Love.. You got some more funk for Yin Yang? Break Da Funk has to be Josh Loves best work to date. How dirty and driving can one track be? Imagine a big piece of filthy anthem techno laced with techno stabs and you may get the picture. Fabulous.

Little different this next one. Locarini delivers his first Yin Yang outing with Respect. Quite deep but driving at the same time. It stands out to me because its different and for that it got signed to Yin Yang. Great.

Steve Shaden .. Oh Steve.. You did it again. What You Wish.. is a super dark techno anthem with some great use of trippy vocals in the background. As usually Steve great uses of drum programming make this baby stand out. Great stuff.

Last but NOT least.. Tonikattitude presents to us Ozara.. This is a super driving track with loads of energy.. This one explodes on the dance floor and sets it on fire. Excellent.