Yin Yang Anthems 12

Yin Yang Anthems 12

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-12-11

Catalog number: YYR210

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> Melodica (Original Mix)
Hidden Identity
> Shorebreak (Original Mix)
Hell Driver
> K'o Po Loju (Original Mix)
Rivet Spinners
> Face Of Chaos (Original Mix)

You are in for a very special treat!

Yin Yang anthems 12 is 4 superb techno treats/hits/anthems..

4 MASSIVE dance floor drivers..

Hell Driver is always a big hitter. Shorebreak is his trade mark sound. Anthem techno that will destroy any dance-floor.

DMCK is Yin Yangs new up coming star. Face of Chaos is a massive dance floor explosion. Duncan is gonna be filling Yin Yang dance floors in 2018.

Rivet Spinners are Yin Yang regulars only this time they hit a 6 with K’o Po Loju. This makes you dance.. You have no choice!

Last up is Hidden Identity. Hidden is his name, crossover techno is his game! This guy is an old techno buddy of mine from years ago (Pedro)