Yin Yang Anthems 11

Yin Yang Anthems 11

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-10-02

Catalog number: YYR204A

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> Warped (Original Mix)
Silhouett3, Halvy
> Indecent Spanking (Original Mix)
> Backwards & Forwards (Original Mix)
> Cheeki Breeki (Original Mix)
Tomas Klip
> Anonimo (Original Mix)
Minders, Iker Seedorf

Yin Yang Anthems 11 has arrived..

Yin Yang likes to reach out and get insane quality out to the DJ community from all different producers known and unknown. Anthem series always has the best tracks even from some unknown producers and of course from superstar producers alike.

Here is (over 2 releases) 10 insanely good techno grooves.. Anthems if you will…