Yin Yang Allstars EP 9

Yin Yang Allstars EP 9

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2014-06-30

Catalog number: YYR067

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> Access (Original Mix)
Alberto Santana
> Split (Original Mix)
Cristian Varela
> Supernova (Original Mix)
Fabio Piletto
> Yoohoo! (Original Mix)
Gene Karz, Maller
> Infected (Original Mix)
Hordienko Roman
> Diaboloque Codex (Original Mix)

Alberto Santana has is a leader in the techno field at the moment. His releases have gained much respect and from that has had releases on some of the Worlds’s top techno labels including Varela’s Pornographic label. Access is a sexy track with great noises and builds to an excellent cracking climax. A track truly deserving to be an Allstar.

Cristian Varela is one of the world’s leading techno and tech house DJ’s. He owns and runs the pioneering Pornographic label. Once again sppearing on the Yin Yang Imprint. Varela’s Split is a sexy Tech House track with some excellent brass parts, essentially techno with fabulous house elements. Nice.

Lets introduce a new Italian. Fabio Piletto, this is his first release on Yin Yang and what a corker of a track. Supernova is haunting and sexy with great voices that permeate throughout the ‘journey’ creating a very beautiful haunting track. Really good.

Gene Karz & Maller. Well these 2 have been flying through the hard techno charts in all the download stores. YooHoo! is a belter, It is tough enough for a hard techno set and deep enough for any other kind of techno set. This is a gem. Brilliant.

Lets welcome Ukraine’s Hordienko Roman. This young lad’s abilities are unbelievable. When I first heard this track I was immediately up and shaking booty!. The bass-line is captivating. Fantastic.

Pompeiy has had some good releases especially with Yin Yang’s very own Miquel. Diabolique Codex is DAMN Sexy. Great vocals that go with great melody equals Tech House Bomb. This track borders on techno too. Massive.