Wastewalker EP

Wastewalker EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-06-15

Catalog number: YYR114

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> Wastewalker (Franky Stryke Remix)
Nikoretti, Sopik, Franky Stryke
> Wastewalker (Cristian Arango Remix)
Cristian Arango, Nikoretti, Sopik
> Wastewalker (Original Mix)
Nikoretti, Sopik
> Overclocking (DJ Veljko Jovic Remix)
DJ Veljko Jovic, Nikoretti, Sopik
> Overclocking (Original Mix)
Nikoretti, Sopik

Next instalment of the Black and Whites is by The Eastern Europeans Nikoretti & Sopik with 2 tracks.

Firstly is the original Wastewalker. Driving rolling bassline with top crisp percussion is combined for a devastating pounding hands in the air anthem. This is super cross over techno at its finest.

Remixes of Wastewalker are by :

Franky Stryke. Oh wow.. This is a massive bomb remix by the frenchman. This guys production skills are excellent. This drops and kicks like a mule. I have played this out already to great rapture. Absolutely amazing rework!!

Cristian Arango is next. Mr Arango is a big techno DJ in the USA. This remix is outstanding quality. He reworks it slightly darker than the original and in his own style. This is sure to also be a big hit with the Yin Yang fans. Massive.

Overlocking is up next. The Original is a blend of techno with some excellent hardcore stabs that go together like chalk and cheese. Excellent break downs and kicks back in with great power. Superb.

The Remix is by DJ Veliko Jovic and its quite a bomb. Production is excellent and it has all the hallmarks of an excellent Yin Yang release. Fantastic sequencer skills.

All in all.. another killer by Yin Yang..