Various Artists – Yin Yang Anthems 10

Various Artists – Yin Yang Anthems 10

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-06-05

Catalog number: YYR191

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> Satisfaction (Original Mix)
Da Hox, Drzneday
> Ramek (Original Mix)
Alvaro Ramos
> Combo (Original Mix)
Andy Mart
> Distraction (Original Mix)
Oscar Gs, Sergio Pardo
> Wall Breaker (Original Mix)
Nas Up
> You & Me (Original Mix)
Richard Harrington, Beat On

Yin Yang anthems is now on album 10

Featuring 6 tracks of some top bad ass techno that will have the crowd reaching for the stars and you pointing at them, all in moments of euphoria.

Drzneday is back this time with Da Hox for the amazing track satisfaction. Alvaro Ramos is on the black and white Yin Yang to bring us Ramek and a beast it is. Andy Mart rejoins Yin Yang with his acid anthem Combo. Sergio Pardo is back this time joining up with OSCAR G. Nas Up bring his Acid to the decks with Wall Breaker and .. big time Hard Dance producer Richard Harrington (moniker – Hes a big name!!) teams up with Beat On for You & Me..