Van Czar – Feel It Loud EP

Van Czar – Feel It Loud EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-07-31

Catalog number: YYR197

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> Feel It Loud (Alen Milivojevic & Drzneday Remix)
Alen Milivojevic, Van Czar, Drzneday
> Feel It Loud (Original Mix)
Van Czar
> Feel It Loud (Bad Omen Remix)
Van Czar, Bad Omen
> Hades (Original Mix)
Van Czar
> Ferro (Original Mix)
Van Czar

Here it is .. His debut EP on Yin Yang. Van Car, the man from Bonzai Records.

3 Original tracks from Van. We feel these are his best tracks to date.

Feel It Loud is superb. great techno sounds with a superb haunting synth that permeates through the track keep you mesmerised. For that we got 2 superb remixes of this track.

Alen Milivojevic needs no introduction, he is simply the biggest selling artist ever on Yin Yang, he once agains teams up with Drzneday for this supreme anthem remix. This is an absolutely HUGE monster..

Bad Omen also steps forward remix duties. Bad Omen has had a good run on Yin Yang lately with his track in the Beatport hard techno chart top 10 for over 10 weeks. Great solid remix to accompany the original.

Hades and Ferro are also top notch original tracks that just rumble in the jungle.