Tawa Girl – Come On, Baby EP

Tawa Girl – Come On, Baby EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-09-18

Catalog number: YYR202

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> Come On, Baby (Original Mix)
Tawa Girl
> Le Son Des Voix (Original Mix)
Tawa Girl
> Oxygénation (Original Mix)
Tawa Girl

She is one of the best up coming female artists in the techno scene.

Tawa Girl is a super talented producer and DJ. Her productions are superb, her DJ’ing flawless.

Already a legend at Yin Yang. This is Tawa Girl’s first EP on the black and white imprint and what a cracker it is. 3 absolute killers of techno perfectionism.

Come On, Baby!, Le Son Des Voix & Oxygénation are all spectacular. I am playing all 3. Which are the ones for you?

Viva la France!