Steve Shaden – Acid Mind

Steve Shaden – Acid Mind

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-10-19

Catalog number: YYR129

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> Acid Mind (Original Mix)
Steve Shaden
> Acid Mind (Ryoh Mitomi Remix)
Ryoh Mitomi, Steve Shaden
> Acid Mind (Teoss Remix)
Teoss, Steve Shaden
> Acid Mind (Klangsturz Remix)
Steve Shaden, KlangsturZ

Here we go again with Italian supremo Steve Shaden with Acid Mind.

A great sexy track track of the highest production, rolling bassline and dark haunting vocal and supremo techno stabs. Steve is a bit good at making dance floor techno (isnt he!). A belting original. I think your dance floor will enjoy. Killer!!

Remixes by the Yin Yang crew..

First up is new Yin Yang hero Ryoh. This Japanese geezer knows how to do it. He takes the original and makes a kick ass re-edit of his own. Mind blowing..

Teoss is next.. He goes balls deep with his interpretation of the original. Mind melting vocals with great sequencer skills. Very nice.

Finally a massive remix by Klangsturz. This guy is on fire.. Takes the original parts, chews them up and spits them out into this killer rendition. Real techno sexy as techno that melts your mind. Its standing on the dance floor looking round you at how wrecked everyone is. I LOVE IT.