Sergio Pardo & Aharon Pey – Red Flag EP

Sergio Pardo & Aharon Pey – Red Flag EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-06-13

Catalog number: YYR162

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> Red Flag (Original Mix)
Sergio Pardo, Aharon Pey
> Red Flag (Bagagee Viphex13 Remix)
Bagagee Viphex13, Sergio Pardo, Aharon Pey
> Red Flag (Vincent Hiest & Digital Session Remix)
Sergio Pardo, Digital Session, Vincent Hiest, Aharon Pey
> Full Platform (Original Mix)
Sergio Pardo, Aharon Pey

He has arrived on Yin Yang with his own release. The house superstar takes it the techno route once again for the Yin Yang label. Sergio Pardo is well known in the house scene and soon will be established in the techno. Teaming up with studio partner Aharon Pey, they produce 2 fantastic club tracks that have been vetted for the techno dance floor.

Red Flag is a superb rolling bassline that just gets you up and dancing, it is that sexy ass bassline and hooky vocal. Superp track. AMAZING.

Remixes of Red Flag come courtesy of some of Yin Yangs great producers.

South Koreas number 1 DJ Bagagee Viphex13 brings us a damn sexy remix. Taking the original and making it his own. Exceptional. LOVE IT

Vincent Hiest teams up with Digital Session for this kick ass tough remix, Grit your teeth for this bad boy. This blows up on a big system. ACE!

We also have an additional original track, Full Platform which is a bad ass track in it own right. All in all. Another fine release for the Black and white of Yin Yang.