Phutek – This Groove

Phutek – This Groove

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-05-02

Catalog number: YYR156

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> This Groove (Original Mix)
> This Groove (HP Source Remix)
Phutek, HP Source
> This Groove (Rivet Spinners Remix)
Phutek, Rivet Spinners
> This Groove (Sopik & Screamer Remix)
Phutek, Sopik, Screamer
> This Groove (Silent Echo Remix)
Silent Echo, Phutek

Phutek is back on Yin Yang once again..

This man is an incredible techno producer and is one of the scenes freshest faces.

This Groove uses a fantastic vocal that permeates throughout the original track that gives it a superb edge. Fantastic producer skills, means a belting original. Phutek is here to stay. All hail Phutek. Amazing original..

Remixes come courtesy of the Yin Yang elite..

HP Source, as always.. Amazing remix.. Rivet Spinners, new geezers.. stuff is superb and fresh. Tough guys from east Sopik and Screamer for that tough sexy edge and new man Silent Echo delivers what is a superb remix. Every track :- Original and remixes are super bombs..

Phutek for President..