Phutek & Ben Keen – Paradox

Phutek & Ben Keen – Paradox

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-09-26

Catalog number: YYR171

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> Paradox (Original Mix)
Ben Keen, Phutek
> Paradox (HP Source Remix)
Ben Keen, Phutek, HP Source
> Paradox (Hell Driver Remix)
Ben Keen, Phutek, Hell Driver
> Paradox (Steve Shaden Remix)
Ben Keen, Phutek, Steve Shaden
> Paradox (Dario Sorano Remix)
Ben Keen, Dario Sorano, Phutek

Write upWhen it comes to techno it does not come much bigger than Yin Yang artist Phutek, now lets mix that up and add one of the most prolific hard house producers of all time in to the mix, you have what is a classic track in the making. BK also known under his real name Ben Keen join forces with Phutek for what can only be described a Paradox.

This is a killer original track with outstanding production skills and qualities. This is real techno with a quality 909 driving some bad ass background sounds.
MASSIVE.. What a killer original

Remixes are courtesy of Yin Yang finest producers residents..

HP Source are the men of the moment and this remix is another one of their massive tracks (Im saying that like only some of them are – HEY they are ALL massive). They take the original and again make it sound their own. Great use of the 909 too. This is a ANTHEM remix.. Its massive.

Hell Driver.. Well this french man is always on fire. Ben Hell driver takes the original parts and comes up with anthem of tech crossover. This is will have a lot of the many cross over Yin Yang artists super excited.. Yes.. It really is that good.. This again is an anthem remix..

Steve Shaden.. The Italian Stallion., This guy has taken the original parts and made it dark it true Shaden Style. Always a quality remix by this legend. Steve just gets better and better. I truly believe this is his best remix to date. Another superb killer remix .. amazing

Lastly but never least.. we have new boy to Yin Yang.. Dario Sorano.. Now what an excellent remix this is.. This is just a pure techno pounding remix that just drives and drives again making GREAT use of the original parts.. Absolutely belting remix

Well thats it.. Anthem original with all Anthem remixes.. Which is your favourite?