Milex & Fabian Jakopetz – Negative Vibe EP

Milex & Fabian Jakopetz – Negative Vibe EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-06-27

Catalog number: YYR164

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> Negative Vibe (Original Mix)
Fabian Jakopetz, Milex
> Negative Vibe (Itus Remix)
Fabian Jakopetz, Milex, Itus
> Negative Vibe (Dan Deltox Remix)
Fabian Jakopetz, Milex, Dan Deltox
> Negative Vibe (Helmut Kraft Remix)
Helmut Kraft, Fabian Jakopetz, Milex
> Negative Vibe (Helmut Kraft Remix)
Fabian Jakopetz, Milex

Fabian Jakopetz is back on Yin Yang, this time partnering up with studio buddy Milex.

This is techno real stabby chord techno. Negative Vibe and Mantra both have that real sexy underground feel that always reminds me of the classic Dave Clarke red series, there could be no higher compliment. Both are superb, production wise, arrangement wise. Both have been tested on the dance-floor to great applause. Excellent originals. UURRAAARRRR.

Remixes of Negative Vibe commissioned by:-

Itus, this man has hard techno down. He take the original parts and adds huge rolling baseline that gives the track its energy. Very very nice remix, will go down big.

Dan Deltox goes with more the original feel. More deeper head down, head fuck remix.. Very very nice.

Yin Yang new man Helmut goes even deep with a tough edge, keeping it a bit more minimal than the original. Another great remix..

Well this tasty baby comes in different flavours, which one would you prefer to lick?