Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2014-05-19

Catalog number: YYR062

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> Metropolis (Christian Cambas Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Christian Cambas
> Metropolis (DJ Ant Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, DJ Ant
> Metropolis (Dualitik Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Dualitik
> Metropolis (Miquel Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Miquel
> Metropolis (Spiros Kaloumenos '12 Remix)
Pedro Delgardo, Spiros Kaloumenos

Originally released on ID&T in 2004. Selling 1000’s copies and signed to some huge compilations such as Mystery Land, Johan Gielen CD, Dance Valley 2004 (mixed by Ferry Corsten) and many many more including many classic compilations for ID&T themselves.

The rights to the track have since been handed back to Pedro and these are a barrage of remixes bringing it right up to date.

First up we have the absolute killer Christian Cambs Remix. Killer Techno remix.. Cambas works it in his style.. an its a bomb.

Then we have the DJ Ant Remix. Ant known for his big productions. Comes up trumps here with a tech house monster..

Then.. Dualitik Remix .. What can we say.. These guys deliver the bomb every time. Fantastic remix.

Miquel Remix – Always a Yin Yang leader. This time comes up with a techno / tech house rework of class.

Then we have slightly older Spiros Kaloumenos that sounds just as fresh Today. Huge Techno BOMB.