Mark EG Vs Nico Kohler

Mark EG Vs Nico Kohler

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-06-19

Catalog number: YYR193

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> Underworld (Original Mix)
Mark EG, Nico Kohler
> Underworld (Kreisel Remix)
Mark EG, Kreisel, Nico Kohler
> Underworld (The Anxious Remix)
Mark EG, The Anxious, Nico Kohler

Mark EG is one of the most prolific techno characters in the UK..
Known for being lively character and super good DJ and producer. Mark has teamed up with fellow producer friend Nico to produce a fantastic techno track named Underworld.

What a fantastic track it is, dark murky and perfect for any techno dance floor.

Mark has also remixed the track under his great ‘The anxious’ pseudonym. Hard dark and driving. Excellent remix.

For this very special release Yin Yang has also got a superb remix from the man of the moment Kreisel.

All in all this is another belting release aimed DIRECTLY at the techno dance floor.

Greg Downey
Rating : 8 / 10
‘This is fucking great’

John 00 Fleming (J00F)
Rating : 9 / 10
‘Bloody amazing!! Kreisel remix hits the spot for me.’

Alex MilLenium
Rating : 10 / 10
‘Wow!! Tooop EP!’