Mark EG : Voice To Life

Mark EG : Voice To Life

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-11-07

Catalog number: YYR174

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> Voice To Life (Original Mix)
Mark EG
> Voice To Life (Adriana Vega Remix)
Mark EG, Adriana Vega
> Voice To Life (TKNO Remix)
> Voice To Life (Frontline Ants Remix)
Mark EG, Frontline Ants
> Voice To Life (Milex & Fabian Jakopetz Remix)
Mark EG, Fabian Jakopetz, Milex

Milan is aged 4, from London UK and loves techno. Her favourite DJ is Mark EG so when he received a voice message from her after she’d been dancing to one of Mark’s Soundcloud sets in her living room, Mark decided to make a track out of it. The result is ‘Voice To Life’. An excellent original track by the master of the UK Dance scene.
This absolutely insane superb original comes with remixes by some incredible remixes..

First up on release is Adriana Vega. Adriana is blowing up on the scene, her sets are incredible and her production skills are phenomenal. This is one sleek remix. outstanding..

TKNO. This guy has blown up in the last few years through some sexy bad ass releases and remixes. This is a classic style remix very reminiscent of the Armanis Bells. Absolute super class remix.

Frontline Ants.. Well this is a new name, although not a new producer. This is a massive producer in disguise and Im not a liberty to let you know who!

Milex again joins forces with Fabian to create this masterpiece. These guys just get better and better. This in my own view is their best work to date.