Jack Doe – Arcade EP

Jack Doe – Arcade EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-10-30

Catalog number: YYR207

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> Arcade (Original Mix)
Jack Doe
> Arcade (The Yellowheads Remix)
The YellowHeads, Jack Doe
> Gear Up (Original Mix)
Jack Doe
> Gear Up (Markus Volker Remix)
Markus Volker, Jack Doe

Jack Doe has arrived with his first solo EP on Yin Yang.

This artist known for his collaborations with TKNO. He presents us with 2 originals Arcade and Gear up. Arcade is a super melodic track that plods along nicely and breaks down with great breaks and builds. Gear up is a large baseline affair with some nice melodies too.
Both are super great tracks.

Remixes come courtesy of 2 rather large names.

First up is the huge Spanish duo The Yellowheads, knows for their fantastic tracks, remixes and of course the yellow masks they wear when out doing their fantastic DJ gigs.

Markus Volker is man on a Mission. This remix is much deeper and digs and digs. Sexy.

All 4 tracks are very special. Which one is the most special too you?