Itzaia – Dark Matter

Itzaia – Dark Matter

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-08-03

Catalog number: YYR119

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> Dark Matter (Original Mix)
> Dark Matter (Bagagee Viphex13 Remix)
itzaia, Bagagee Viphex13
> Dark Matter (Rydel Remix)
Rydel, itzaia
> Dark Matter (Cristian Arango Remix)
Cristian Arango, itzaia
> Dark Matter (Eliot Remix)
Eliot, itzaia

The original is pounding solid tough techno workout. Its pounding with lots of excellent breakdowns begging the crowd with its kick ins, pleasing and confident. It has a excellent chanting that reminds me of some excellent old funky techno track, it does this whist sounding new and fresh. The original is a super bomb of a techno track, it surely is gonna please most techno heads out there. Pure genius.

Remixes are super sexy

First up is South Koreas number 1 techno DJ Baggage Vipgex13. Wow, he takes the original parts and makes a tough pounding monster. Rolling bassline with sexy stabby synths and builds. This is super super nice. Massive.

Next up is the Rydel remix. Rydel goes for the chant to focus on in his remix. The chant is laced throughout the track with excellent drum programming. Very nice remix.

Next up is the USAs Cristian Arango. He goes with synth sound to bass his remix around and wow, very nice he goes for the dark option. Taking the original sounds he makes something that could be used in a batman film. Super sexy and super dark. Beautiful in itself. Yes!

Next is new Yin Yang man Eliot. Eliot goes in his own direction, using great use of the drums he makes a clean rolling bassline killer. Builds and drops with great effect. Lovely stuff.