HP Source – Back 2 Basix

HP Source – Back 2 Basix

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-04-25

Catalog number: YYR155

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> Back 2 Basix (Original Mix)
HP Source
> Back 2 Basix (Phutek Remix)
Phutek, HP Source
> Back 2 Basix (Rivet Spinners Remix)
Rivet Spinners, HP Source
> Back 2 Basix (Cenk Basaran Remix)
Cenk Basaran, HP Source
> Back 2 Basix (Royal Wolf Remix)
Royal Wolf, HP Source
> Back 2 Basix (Silent Echo Remix)
Silent Echo, HP Source

The Australian duo do it again .. Back 2 Basix is an excellent track with techno power in its waveforms. Excellent rolling bassline with sounds that melt over the waveorm that melt perfectly mastered original masterpieice. Outstanding..

Yin Yang has enlisted super power remixes of this anthem in the forms of:-

Phutek, this guy never lets you down, a little different for this man of the moment, but a beast of a remix all the same. Love it. Excellent.

Rivet Spinners, this duo are just getting better and better, this is one hell of a powerful remix, will be caned for sure.. Excellent..

Cenk Basaran is giving an excellent remix in his very own style, I ike this remix, gives an extra dimension to the original. Good stuff.

Then its young gun Royal Wolf, his style is always unique, this bad boy is expeirimental and we do like the experimental sound. sexy..

Lastly is the ABSOLUTELY huge Silent Echo Remix.. Wow. Superb

All in all .. Its Yin Yang.. What else do you expect 🙂