Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-01-05

Catalog number: YYR093

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> Gateway (Christian Cambas Remix)
Christian Cambas, Alex Di Stefano
> Gateway (Matt Minimal Remix)
Alex Di Stefano, Matt Minimal
> Gateway (Mika Remix)
Mika, Alex Di Stefano
> Gateway (Original Mox)
Alex Di Stefano

It has arrived

Alex Di Stefano on Yin Yang. It was just a matter of time before man of the moment had his own release on the leading label Yin Yang.

The original Gateway is masterpiece of crossover techno that has every dance floor begging for more. The quality of the production is absolutely superb, epic even. The arrangement is pure genius. This is seriously one of the biggest techno tracks of the year. It is dangerously good. An absolute masterpiece.

Remixes are also of legendary status..

First up is Greece’s Christian Cambas .. and wow, does this guy know how to make a track. The production is crisp and clean and is super dangerous to any dancefloor. When this is dropped people cry out and thrown their hands in the air. So so so so amazing

Next is France’s top man Matt Minimal. Matt throws in a different style mix which is slightly deeper and makes use of a vocal that makes the remix super sexy and haunting. Again production is faultless. Absolutely amazing. Massive.

Lastly is Yin Yang veteran Mika. He is one of Bosnia & Herzegovinas leading techno geezers. Although he has been a bit quiet lately, this remix just shows he is still one of the best techno producers out there. This is another quality gem that oozes quality. Superb and amazing. YES.. Yes.. It is..

As for the original and remixes. I personally am playing all of them. Each one is a cult classic in their own right and no doubt one of the biggest releases on Yin Yang this year. Massive is not strong enough a word! – Pedro Delgado