Dualitik – Ouija

Dualitik – Ouija

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-12-07

Catalog number: YYR136

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> Ouija (Original Mix)
> Ouija (Andre Lesu Remix)
Dualitik, Andre Lesu
> Ouija (Rydel Remix)
Rydel, Dualitik
> Ouija (Nikoretti & Sopik Remix)
Dualitik, Nikoretti, Sopik
> Ouija (Eliot Remix)
Eliot, Dualitik
> Ouija (Vladin & Izabella Remix)
Dualitik, Vladin, Izabella

Here we go again with the #yinyangfamily

Dualitik bring their expertise back to their favourite label Yin Yang.

Ouija is a dark magic track of epic techno proportions. Dark sounds with eerie vocal that will have you hypnotised. As always its a super bomb track of the highest quality. What do you expect from Dualitik? 🙂

Superb remix package from the #yinyangfamily

Andre Lesu, Rydel, Nikoretti & Sopik, Eliot & Vladin and Izabella all give their own massive interpretations of the huge monster of a release.

Dont need to write too much about this. Let the music talk.. Yin Yang ..