Coquillage & Crustacé – Wounds EP

Coquillage & Crustacé – Wounds EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2018-01-08

Catalog number: YYR211

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> Wounds (Original Mix)
Coquillage & Crustacé
> More (Intro Mix)
Coquillage & Crustacé
> More (Extended Mix)
Coquillage & Crustacé

Coquillage & Crustacé are back on the black and white imprint.

2 original belting tracks with one in 2 versions mixes.

Wounds and More are exceptional techno crossover tracks. It is techno with that super damn sexy electro influence. I cannot help but think of the French stars Daft Punk or Jean Michelle-Jarre when listening to both these tracks.

More has two edits. The original Intro Mix and a new DJ friendly Extended Mix.

This is a very very special EP. Goose bumps every time.