Coquillage & Crustacé – Rampage

Coquillage & Crustacé – Rampage

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-07-03

Catalog number: YYR195

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> Rampage (Hell Driver Remix)
Hell Driver, Coquillage & Crustacé
> Rampage (Da Fresh Remix)
Da Fresh, Coquillage & Crustacé
> Rampage (Original Mix)
Coquillage & Crustacé

New French duo on Yin Yang. oh yes and its a killer..

Rampage the original is a electro techno killer anthem in that superb French style and comes complete with 2 of the biggest ever French artist remixes by Hell Driver and Da Fresh.

Hell Driver is in his usually anthem tough style techno format. Big reach in the sky anthem. Dance floors are gonna go crazy!! Yin Yang artist extravaganza..

Da Fresh, we all this guy needs no introduction, one of the biggest techno stars on the planet. This is a deeper remix in his bad ass quality style. This is another anthem that will drive everyone nuts..

1 huge original.. 2 absolutely mental remixes.. Yin Yang style..