Bodyfake EP

Bodyfake EP

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2014-08-04

Catalog number: YYR071

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> Bodyfake (Alexander Madness Remix)
Funkbrainer, Lox D, Alexander Madness
> Bodyfake (DJ Ogi Remix)
Funkbrainer, Lox D, DJ Ogi
> Bodyfake (Itzaia Remix)
Funkbrainer, Lox D, itzaia
> Bodyfake (Original Mix)
Funkbrainer, Lox D
> Lucky Disaster (Original Mix)
Funkbrainer, Lox D
> Lucky Disaster (The Menace Remix)
Funkbrainer, Lox D, The Menace

Funkbrainer & Lox D. Another new French techno act to join Yin Yang. Providing us with 2 techno bombs. Bodyfake and Lucky Disaster.

Alexander Madness provides us with first remix. Taking the great original Bodyfake track and parts and creating another new style techno Bomb. Madness it is.. Amazing..

DJ Ogi gives us the hard style techno mix. slightly turning up the groove and tempo, making an interpretation in that Ogi style. Great remix to Bodyfake. Harder stylee!

Next up steps Itzaia giving a bit more kick in the techno style. Great stabs are introduced to compliment the original parts. Kick ass remix and another great variation on Bodyfake.

Here it is .. the original Bodyfake. A techno gem. This track will be just as good in any techno DJ’s set. A future bomb that we know everyone will love. I love it!

… The other original track Lucky Disaster. Just like the Body fake. Its another killer techno track that would also fit in most styles of techno including just being as comfortable in a tech house set. incredible track.

Here is The Menace remix of Lucky Disaster and what an absolutely amazing remix this is. It’s just draw dropping. This Glaswegian producer has handed us a bomb of a techno remix.. This is surely gonna be loved by most. I think its an amazing remix. BOMBBBB!!!

Lets go !! Like usual is you review for a magazine please think about reviewing it, If you are doing charts please consider it. Thank you.