Blanik – Ambush

Blanik – Ambush

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-12-14

Catalog number: YYR137

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> Ambush (Original Mix)
> Ambush (Teoss Remix)
Teoss, Blanik
> Ambush (Lunatique Sublime Remix)
Lunatique Sublime, Blanik
> Ambush (Section One Remix)
Section One, Blanik
> Ambush (Fabian Jakopetz Remix)
Fabian Jakopetz, Blanik

Blanik is back on Yin Yang this time with his own special Yin Yang release. Ambush has to be one of his sexiest works to date. It breaks down and slams back in with pure pleasure and elegance. The noises and blips combine to produce a sexy onslaught to the earlobes. Superb work.

Remixes are by the #yinyangfamily

Teoss, Lunatique Sublime, Section One and Fabian Jakoptez all deliver massive remixes in their very own diverse styles. Each remix brings in a unique and diverse take on the original again this offers a remix that will fit in with most peoples techno style.

Yin Yang does it again. The only problem is which one will you like best?