Benou – Cold Sweat

Benou – Cold Sweat

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2016-08-01

Catalog number: YYR167

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> Cold Sweat (Original Mix)
> Cold Sweat (Itus Remix)
Itus, Benou
> Cold Sweat (Section One Remix)
Section One, Benou

The frenchman returns to the black and white of Yin Yang.

Cold Sweat is a fantastic dirty gritty electro style techno monster with a huge dark sider. Probably Benous best track to date. Its hard and driving and has the energy of whippet. Bloody excellent original.

For remix duties we went with 2 different style of remixers.

Itus brings us what is a pounding peak time remix with huge rolling bassline, very much in that Itus sound we are all really loving as of late. amazing.

Section One delivers big time in that Swedish techno sound we love him for. Superb remix.

All in all we kept this once minimal. Its got the sex and drive. Which one if your favourite?