Baby Doc – Wail

Baby Doc – Wail

Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2017-04-03

Catalog number: YYR185

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> Wail (Original Mix)
Baby Doc
> Wail (Dub Mix)
Baby Doc

The time is now ….Baby Doc is back to producing new club material but this time with a new reinvention of himself. Baby Doc was known for a hard NRG sound back in the mid 90s to the early 00s but after some time away for himself, he is back, not just back, but back with full force. The track titled Wail is at a slower speed to compliment the deep base sounds of techno. The vocals in the track are by Gloria Andretti who is a club sensation and her amazing singing captures the voodoo sound needed for Wail perfectly. Baby Doc wanted to create something that can be played slower but is versatile enough to be sped up to the speeds he is known for.
With creating this new sound for him you can expect the same passion that he had for the hard NRG but now with this.

Baby doc is workling with sensational Hard Techno Label Yin Yang Records to bring you 2 versions of Wail one is the original and the second a dub version, either one would be an amazing addition to a techno heads cd or track collection. Don’t delay in buying this track and be part of something special with Baby Docs new journey you can come along too.