Label: Yin Yang

Release date: 2015-02-09

Catalog number: YYR097

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> Ales (Itzaia Remix)
itzaia, Gene Karz
> Ales (Marc B Remix)
Gene Karz, Marc B
> Ales (Original Mix)
Gene Karz
> Ales (Richard Santana Remix)
Gene Karz, Richard Santana
> Ales (Rydel Remix)
Rydel, Gene Karz
> Ales (Tomas Drex & Andre Lesu Remix)
Tomas Drex, Gene Karz, Andre Lesu

Gene is a diverse producer, he is good at all style of techno ranging from tough to damn right slow and sexy. Alex is a cross hybrid that is sure to excite a lot of techno DJs. It mixes it tough drum routine with angelic delightful melodies. The end result is a bomb track that we just had to get remixes of.

Remixes are by the Yin yang elite.

Itzaia .. This man can do no wrong, from being on Yin Yang is is already a favourite producer to some of the BIGGEST DJs. This remix is a killer. Itzaia makes it his own usually style with rolling baseline. Super.

Marc B.. New man to Yin Yang. This remix is very much in a more out there style. Very good and no doubt will be loved by fans of Marc B.

South African Richard Santana’s remix is something else. The production of this guy is phenomenal. He is no doubt going to be one of 2015’s BIGGEST stars. Superb.

Rydel Remix.. Well wow.. When I first heard this is just blew me away. This has GOT to be Rydels best work. Amazing remix to an amazing track.

Tomas Drex and Andre Lesu.. Quality assured.. that what this is.. A Great Tech house variation on the original to complete the package. Sexy as hell..